Health authorities get cracking

Health authorities have sprung into action to prevent the spread of avian influenza to humans after the disease was discovered among livestock at poultry farms in Ranga Reddy district.

On Wednesday, State and district health authorities surveyed 7,597 people in a distance of up to 10 kilometres from ground zero in Kothur village near Hayathnagar, where H5N1 outbreak was reported.

There are nearly 18 permanent workers employed in the affected poultry farms and their health is stable. According to health officials, 5,776 persons within the first three kilometres and another 1,821 within the next 10 km-radius underwent physical examination. Nobody had any signs of fever or other typical symptoms of avian flu, which are same as that of swine flu.

“To be on safe side, we have given prophylactic treatment by distributing 600 doses of Tami flu tablets among the local population. The typical incubation period of H5N1 ranges from two to eight days and we will try to keep a watch,” said Joint Director, Epidemiology, G. Srinivas Rao.

Epidemic teams have also visited several areas near Kothur and provided support to the Animal Husbandry Department and local district health officials. A special four-member Central Government team will visit Kothur village on Thursday along with the State epidemic team.


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